Reason To Make The Gemstone Engagement Rings The First Choice For Big Occasion

Reason To Make The Gemstone Engagement Rings The First Choice For Big Occasion
Many couples from generations prefer to go for the diamond engagement ring which is said to be a timeless symbol. It is also said to be a significant way and a symbol of lasting love. This is timeless beauty which of course makes sense to be gifted on the big day as there is a classic diamond’s crystal-clear sparkle that matches with all kinds of attire and styling. Besides, in terms of the MOHS gemstone hardness scale, there is a 10 out of 10 ratings as well. There is no doubt that diamond is one of the most durable gems which is versatile and good too. Besides, the symbol of the diamond as the gemstone engagement rings makes it one of the most amazing options that you may come across.

You must have seen celebrities like Kate Middleton and Blake Lively who wore the lovely cut gemstone on their big day. Well, gemstone comes in different rainbow colors and is known to be the best friend of girls soon. There is a classic diamond beauty that awestruck the individual and of course it is not as uncommon as it may seem to be. The diamonds are not rare completely as they were in existence from 1870. But when it comes to gemstones well the story is completely different.

Why Choose Gemstones Over Diamonds?

The engagement ring of the gemstone seems to be in existence just the way diamond rings are. But they have been gaining quite a lot of popularity over some time now especially among the rich millennials. There are so many reasons why couples prefer to choose gemstone over diamond. However, there are also colored gemstones that may highlight appearance and personality because colors have quite an insightful meaning. This means whether it is someone’s birthday who loves such style of jewelry or is an engagement day, to have a colorful gemstone signifies that something big is being celebrated.

Different types to try out

·  Sapphire engagement: Such type of gemstone is known to have been capturing the hidden accent. There is a vintage styling with a princess cut and the floral halo notes which makes it one fine example of how to signify the feelings to the partner

How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring
·  Almandine Garnet: This is another option that can be chosen for the big day. It is wine red and quite deep too. This kind of gemstone is known for special symbolism and is known for its passion and serenity as well. Wearing such styling is like a promise that an individual gives for the unconditional love

·  Aquamarine: Aquamarine also known as blue beryl is one of the vivid colors that is associated with the tropical ocean. It also is a sign of courage and communication that signifies the right way to express the love for the partner.

About Engagement Rings

Being a first-time user, it is pretty much clear that gemstones with so many options may confuse you. There is no doubt that an engagement ring must be one of its kind but if a pattern like a gemstone is chosen then there are many things to be considered. There are many gemstone varieties. Some of the popular choices like side stones, the center stone, and under gallery accent can be a great choice too.

It is better to choose your favorite color while looking for gemstone engagement rings. There is stone hardness which however also plays an important role as theoretically the individual shall be wearing such a ring. If the stones are hard, it increases the durability. However, any ring if worn constantly at a certain time will get into wear and tear. Well, the gemstone is no different but as compared to any other regular ring, it has got a hardness that makes it more protective against getting scratched or chipped.


Gemstone engagement rings give a style statement. For some people, it is more like a forever ring which defines what it means to be considered a special someone by the person who they love the most. This type of styling can be customized but there is one thing certain, and that is after wearing it there is an elegance that shall be noticed.

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