Making the best use of OTF knives Collection

Making the best use of OTF knives Collection
Many times, people get confused about ITF due to probably lack of knowledge. Well, OTF is referred to as the short form for the ‘Out of the Front’ which is one of the knife types that is quite popular. In today’s time where the internet is playing a huge role, the use of the word OTF has been misleading people in many ways. But those who have been looking for OTF knives should understand what exactly is such a type of knife in a true sense and purchase it accordingly.

What is an OTF knife?

In a broader sense, an OTF knife is more like a folding knife. It comes with blades that are well concealed within a handle. This type of knife is a switchblade type. It clearly shows the mechanism using which the deployment of the blade takes place.  The reason why such a type of knife is a choice of many people is because of its characteristics such as versatility and reliability.

Exploring different types of Knives:

This option can certainly be a perfect addition to the collection of knives. With so many options, it is wise to choose one since there are different types too.

Side Opening Knives:

Such a type of knife is more like the folders. It is also called automatic or spring-assisted knives that usually plate the blade from the handle side. As per the knife, there is a release action that can be different but when it comes to the blade, it always comes out from the side itself and never from the top direction.

Out Of the Front Knives

This is the knife that has steadily gained popularity over some time now. Such knives have blades sheathed within the handle. The only major difference is that it jumps straight from the top and hence can be a great option to choose. It is also categorized into different types:

Spring Assisted OTF

To use this knife, there is a gentle force of the finger needed so that it can slideably open. The blade’s natural position is the closed position. The user shall open the blade using a flipper lever or even the thumb stud.  The lever is known to have resistance.

Automatic Knife Or Switchblade

OTF Knives vs. Standard Pocket Knives: Which Is Better?
This type of knife is also known as the flick knife. This usually opens from the front side of the handle simply using a gentle button press. As compared to the spring-assisted knives, this one is quite different since it has the blade’s natural position in the open direction. As the stud is being pressed, the spring tension gets released back in the blade while it fires without any kind of effort being put in.

Gravity Knife

Such a Knife has the blade within its handle itself. As per the name, this is quite clear that blades in knives need the gravity force which once released comes with a trigger. It can be a perfect choice for the tradespeople whether it is dock workers, carpeted, or stagehands.

Things to Consider while Purchasing an OTF Knife

There is no doubt that nothing can beat the OTF knife. But to make sure the one that is being purchased works the best, few things should be considered while purchasing a knife such as:

The Blade Material:

Of course, the most important part of the knife is the blade. If it is made from substandard material then it will not matter how well the other features are. Other popular materials are carbon steel and stainless steel to consider.


It is important to look for the right blade size as per the task for which it is being used. A small blade can work best indoors while the large one is best for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Single Action vs. Double Action:

If the Double action OTF is chosen well it can work best for a dual-action mechanism to deploy the blade and retract it automatically with a single hand. While the single action will let to pull out the blade at a manual level for the recharge.


While buying OTF knives, it is important to have clarity on the difference between different knives. In counties like the U.S.A, there are strict legal restrictions that are being followed. THE OTF usually captures quite a small niche in the knife market. Besides, there might not be abundant options available such as the throwing knives but it certainly is popular while demand is already rising too.

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