How To Look Your Best With Glasses?

How To Look Your Best With Glasses?

When we talk about personal style, one accessory that has grabbed the attention of many fashion lovers is glasses. What was previously considered to be the ‘nerd’s best friend’ can be seen on models and celebrities on fashion shows and red carpets these days.

Glasses give you a simple and affordable way to take a break from your regular look and try something different (and better). With the cool frame styles in unique shapes, your boring eyeglasses are made ridiculously fashionable now.

There is not a better way to get a different style everyday than wearing glasses. Whether you want to ace your next virtual interview or put up a refreshing picture for your dating profile, there is a pair of men’s or women’s glasses that will set the right tone for every occasion.

But, going for just any frame style won’t do the trick. You must know which glasses will accentuate your natural aesthetics in a better way and enhance your look. To impart knowledge on this subject, we will tell you the basics of choosing glasses for your face shape and complexion.

Glasses for your face shape

With the right frame style, you can create the illusion of your desired facial structure. When trying to alter your face shape, always go for a contrasting frame style.

Square face

People with angular features and a strong jawline will do better in oval or round frames that sit high on their nose. Boxy glasses will attract more attention to your angular features making your face appear heavy.

Round face

To contrast the roundness of your face, go for square or rectangular frames. Narrow glasses will give an illusion of length and slimness to your face.

Oval face

Although an oval face shape is considered to be ideal, you can still play up your best features by picking frames that are wider than the widest part of your face. Avoid oversized glasses as they will ruin the natural symmetry of your face and make it appear small. You can always wear geometric frames that are neither too big or small to bring out the balance perfectly.

Heart -shaped

If your face has a wide top and relatively narrow bottom, frames that will add width to the lower part of your face will suit you the best. You may as well go for rimless glasses as they won’t alter your face shape.


If the length of your face is more than its width, try glasses that have more depth than width. Frames with decorative temples are a great fit for these face shapes.

Diamond face shape

If your cheekbones are high and the broadest part of your face, you’ve got a diamond face shape. To create an illusion of width to your forehead, frames with browline detailing will get the job done. Women can safely go for cat-eye glasses and men can try rimless style in men’s glasses.

Accentuate your best facial features

Your frame should highlight your best feature. For instance,if you have got ocean blue eyes, you can get a frame of similar shade. You may as well highlight them by picking out a contrasting frame colour. The choice is yours.

In case you have got high cheekbones with fuller cheeks, you can play up this feature with frames that have a detailed lower bar.

After your face shape and features comes your skin tone which is another important factor to consider when buying glasses. If you have a cool skin tone, colours such as silver, pink, purple, blue, grey, tortoiseshell and black will look best on you. If you have a warm skin tone, warm hues such as gold, yellow, green, brown and warm tones of tortoiseshell will complement your complexion.

In case you are a lady who is looking for a style boost with glasses, wearing the right makeup also helps in determining the true impact of your glasses.

Why have more than 1 pair of glasses?

When you are looking to make a fashion statement with your glasses, one pair is not enough. You can buy neutral frames that will go well with every outfit and occasion, but you will need some colours to increase the fashion quotient.

If you worry about the cost of buying multiple glasses, your problem is now resolved. With stylish pairs of good-quality cheap glasses available online, you don’t have to think about the cost of looking your best.

The takeaway

There is not a look that a pair of glasses can’t help you with. But, your eyewear will only work if they are in harmony with your facial features. To help yourself with the perfect pair of glasses for your natural aesthetics, use this guide.

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