What Are The Advantages Of A Manual Reclining Wheelchair?

What Are The Advantages Of A Manual Reclining Wheelchair?
The majority of people hardly experience the challenges of pressure sores or bed wounds. However, those who use wheelchairs, are bedridden or have physical disabilities are not likely to evade these problems. Staying at the same angle for many hours tends to exert pressure on a specific body part. As a result, the extreme pressure leads to inflamed and reddish skin. Furthermore, the skin is denied adequate oxygen levels, impairing its optimal performance.

However, one can reduce the chances of getting sore by procuring a special wheelchair designed to position your body safely. The manual reclining wheelchair enables the user to change the center of gravity and posture. As a result, constant pressure on the body part is minimal, reducing the chances of damaging the skin.

Benefits of the Recliner

Relieving Pressure

Physical disability makes it difficult for a person to move freely. It has the impact of putting too much pressure on the body part. However, the recliner is a suitable remedy for this pain by making it easy for the body to maneuver, reducing pressure on the back. As a result, soreness is unlikely to occur.

Improved Circulation

People with mobility issues have to find mechanisms to make them locomote from one corner to the other. Some chairs may bring further problems as they keep the body static, inhibiting blood circulation. Remaining in one position for long may result in numbness on the part under pressure. However, these challenges are eliminated with a rising recliner chair as it makes it possible to change the body position, improving blood circulation.

Independent Mobility

The manual reclining wheelchairs have vinyl pockets on both sides. For instance, patients or users can add pillows or other materials on the right-side pocket to give extra support. As a result, they don’t have to strain with the back pockets, an action that may increase discomfort.

In addition, it is also possible to remove and wash the vinyl pockets. This ability of usersto exercise some independence also improves their mental health as they don’t have to feel like a burden to their caregivers.

Anti-Sliding Features

A reclining wheelchair protects the user from sliding to the front. It is a benefit enabled by the fact that the chair reclines up to 20° backward. Hence, the design protects the user’s skin from shearing and minimizes the chances of having sores. Shearing is ubiquitous, especially to the elderly who have sensitive skin. In addition, the caregiver doesn’t always have to be present to position the user.

Easier Transfer

It is challenging to transfer a user with a mobility problem from the traditional wheelchair to the bed. However, it is possible to set the manual reclining wheelchair next to the bedto make it much easier to transfer the patient/ user. This is a feature that most electric wheelchairs need to incorporate.

Neck and Shoulder Pressures are Minimal

The ergonomic headrest found in some reclining wheelchairs positions the head correctly by minimizing pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles. As a result, there is a reduction in possible pains from using this mobility device. In addition, the headrest design does not restrain the user from lateral vision.

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