Leather Belts Vs Regular Belts

Leather Belts Vs Regular Belts
When you go for best leather accessories shopping, the debate you will always have is whether to invest in a leather belt or go with regular belts. Knowing the difference can bring clarity on which is the best option based on what your requirements. Here are a few pointers to consider making the right decision:


Leather belts are constructed to be thicker and provide additional support to your back. You will be able to use it every day without worrying about its wear and tear. It does have the potential to stretch and works in your favour. The composition of original leather belts is thickness and stitch on the finished product. If the belts are enclosed with double stitching, then you are buying a durable belt.

Regular belts are functional to its purpose of purchase. If you are buying it for regular office wear, then it does not last long. They are also relatively thin, especially nylon belts and do not give enough support to the back. Regular belts are similar to leather belts when it comes to stitching – you have the single or double stitch option. So, the durability is limited in standard belts.


The most significant advantage of buying original leather belts is that it can last for close to 5 or higher based on leather type. Then buying an original leather belt is like a one-time shipping expedition. You can reconsider buying a new one after five years. Therefore, from an investment point of view, leather belts are a great buy.

Regular belts do not last for more than two years because they are not made with superior material such as leather. You will face a lot of wear and tear quickly because the finishing could wear off, the bends become incredibly rigid, and the holes on the belt start tearing off. You have to keep buying new belts every 2-3 years and spend more money.

These are the two main differences which make original leather belts a better choice. Regular belts have more variety for they are made of multiple materials. Still, their sustainability and finish are not always up to the mark. If you are into buying the best leather accessories, then a regular belt will never hold any appeal. In many cases, moving from traditional belts to leather ones is a sign of rising fashion sense and status.

Gayle Ross

Gayle Ross

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