How to Try Glasses Virtually at Home with Smart Buy Glasses

How to Try Glasses Virtually at Home with Smart Buy Glasses
With the rising amount of digitized technology, online shopping has become easy and simplified. And with the global pandemic wreaking havoc on offline shopping, customers have frequented online shopping of prescription glasses as they are less prone to time-consuming matters with offline shopping. If you are looking for the best shopping experience then you must try the latest technology with the Virtual Try-On tool with which you can buy superior quality cheap prescription glasses that comes with highly affordable frames under £6. The Virtual Try-On technology equips you to try and buy any glasses by just sitting at home.



SmartBuyGlasses has evolved over time providing customers with the latest technology and features to buy glasses online. Before buying any glass, you can comfortably try over 80,000 models that are available online with the cutting-edge Virtual Try-On (VTO) Tool. All you need here in the 1st step is that record a short selfie video for further analysis by the VTO tool.


After the selfie video scrutiny by the VTO tool, it will allow you to get the accurate face shape so that you can buy the best-fit prescription glass for you. In this step, you can surf the best brands and choose the suitable one followed by flitration process by the VTO tool. With mirror-like technology in the VTO tool, you can virtually try the best models in “Selfie Mode” and select the best one that suits your face structure.


With the best-fit glass, you can fit them right at the middle of your face that doesn’t envelop higher than the eyebrows. The perfect-fitting prescription glass will accentuate your face more sharply to create a perfect visual balance. The right glass will also fit according to your face width making it less bulky and overshadowing near the eyes.

If you have an oval face, then you must try wayfarer or cat-eye frame shapes while if you have a round face then any rectangular frames will suit you with a striking feature.


The Virtual Try-On tool allows you to take selfie videos that you can even share with your best friends and cousins. While featuring for selfie video, some mandatory steps are provided below to get the most out of it for a dashing pair of prescription glasses.

Consider Bright and Natural Lights

Poor lighting effects in the environment while taking the selfie video is not recommended. The best option of achieving optimum lighting effect is by having bright white light to emphasize the eye color while it also helps to put the spotlight on delicate features of your face.

Where to Look at the camera

If you are trying the VTO tool then you must consider efficient angles for the photo or selfie. While many customers are following Instagram models to get the best angle to click a suitable selfie. Experts recommend looking at the camera straight up rather than at a descending angle to highlight the eye and jaw line.

Smile to Get the Right Curve

What most people ignore during selfies is the perfect smile. A serious grim-looking face is poised to deliver a negative representation of your face structure hence, smiling keeps you out of that trouble. If you want to get the best glasses, then you must bring your authentic face with a smiling curve that elaborates the face more neatly.


Hairs are another styling feature for your personality. With different styles of hair, your glasses also need to get optimized accordingly. While doing the selfie, you must ignore your hair coming in front of the face or the eyes.

Smart Buy Glasses

Get the Latest Glasses for women with Virtual Try-On Tool

If you are trying to get a contemporary look coupled with high-quality frame and assembling, then these oversized Gucci GG0275S glasses are the most trending ones to offer cat-eye frame shapes for oval face shapes.

Smart Buy Glasses

If you are not a fan of Gucci, then these Dolce & Gabbana DG2211 sunglasses are also to look upon that are available with a golden hue and metallic frames to amplify your looks substantially.

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Prescription Glasses

With many people getting severely affected by blue light emission, you can also try this Tom Ford FT5401 prescription glass, which is emboldened with blue light blocking feature that will reduce digital eye strain and headaches coming due to blue light exposure from the digital screens.

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Get the Latest Glasses for Men with Virtual Try-On Tool

The classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses have become a trending sensation among numerous sunglass enthusiasts. Coming up of the age, Ray-Ban is a household brand to enhance your face and personality during all seasons.

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Another trending model in the list is this Arise Collective Gold Coast specs and with the authentic navy blue, it has cosmic ability to add to your personality. If you are looking to add blue light blocking protection then you can easily add the zFORTTM aspect while checking out with the payment.


Smart Buy GlassesWith over 80,000 models to choose from over 180 fashionable and designer eyewear brands, you can hastily come with the latest pair of glasses online that is delivered to your doorstep absolutely free of cost.

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